Tube Cutter Case Study

Tube Cutter Case Overview

MilliporeSigma needed a way to accurately and consistently cut multiple diameters of medical grade tubing to precise lengths. MilliporeSigma had tried commercial cutters and found they did not yield consistent performance. Cutting by hand was inefficient and physically difficult.


Previous machines:

  • inaccurate cuts
  • jamming
  • blade breakage
  • required extensive use of alcohol

Hand cutting:

  • labor intensive
  • ergonomic injuries


Lehnen Industrial designed and built a machine that is able to cut tubing from 6mm to 1.5 inch diameter accurately and consistently to a programmable length. The tube cutter is fully automated and does not require the use of any lubricant in the process.

The machine has demonstrated the ability to complete upwards of 10,000 cuts without replacing the blade. 

** Lehnen Industrial Services, Inc. has patents pending on this technology.**


Company Spotlight


Millipore Sigma: A Leader in Life Science

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“The operators love [the tube cutters] because unlike our previous off the shelf cutters, these cut our entire line. Also, [the tube cutters] save on their hands and prevent ergonomic injuries.”

“Customer support, as always, is best in business.”

James Mathieu

Senior Controls Engineer, MilliporeSigma