Lip Balm Tube Filler Case Study

Julie Runez

January 18, 2022

Lip Balm Tube Filler Case Overview

Badger’s lip balms are among their top-selling products, and the company often produces thousands in a single day. As a manufacturer making a wide variety of products, they needed flexibility without relying on contract manufacturers – a costly option that offered less control over the final product, limited them to one size and type of tube, and required them to outsource to a company several states away. However, they didn’t have the floor space to accomodate commercially available lip balm filling machines. They needed a custom solution.


Contract Manufacturers:

  • Allow for less control over the product
  • Expensive
  • Offer limited options for materials
  • Require outsourcing out of state

In-house Manufacturing:

  • Badger’s space did not allow for bulky commercially available machines
  • Commercially available machines required a lengthy installation process
  • The company’s full line of products required more flexibility than commercially available machines could offer


Lehnen Industrial designed and built a machine that fills, caps, and labels tubes of several sizes for the Badger Lip Care product line.

This custom piece of equipment is the world’s only lip balm filling machine that requires no installation. With an impressive footprint of only five feet by nine and a half feet, the lip balm machine allows Badger to manufacture upwards of 10,000 units per day. Badger was able to quickly realize a return on their investment, and the machine continues to offer strong performance after years of use.

** Lehnen Industrial Services, Inc. holds patents on this technology.**


Company Spotlight


Badger Balm: Healing Products. Healthy Business

“We’re on a journey to create a healthier world.

At Badger, we don’t just make products to heal people – we make products to heal our larger community, economy, and planet. We strive to cultivate goodness through business practices that are trustworthy, ecologically responsible, and respectful of all people inside and outside our walls. And we couldn’t walk this journey without you.”

Badger Balm is a family owned and operated company, doing business out of Gilsum, New Hampshire since their inception in 1995.

“If it’s a project that needs custom thought and ingenuity, something you can’t buy off the shelf, then [Lehnen Industrial] is one of the top companies to look at.”

James Belt

Production Manager, W.S. Badger Company