Purpose-built solutions

Custom machinery designed from the ground up with the customerís needs in mind.

From experimental lab equipment to production floor processes, our machines are designed and constructed to meet your particular needs. Our designs create machinery that is rugged, reliable, and attractive.

Collaborative engineering

Communication is extremely important when developing new machines and systems. We hold frequent design reviews with customers during the engineering process, gathering feedback and offering expertise.

We know that plans change and ideas develop. By working closely with customers through every step of the process, we ensure that the final product is exactly what they need.

Equipment of any size

We have constructed systems as small as benchtop testers to as large as 80ft long printing presses. Big or small, we welcome the challenge of creating the best machines possible.

We also know that floorspace is premium. By doing more than just bolting other systems together, we are able to pack far more process into a smaller footprint.

Elegance in industry

Who said industrial equipment needed to be ugly? We strive to do more than just create a functional machine. Through custom design and an eye for simple elegance, we make something that you can show off to your own customers.

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